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Museum Quality Artifacts

All of us at Folk Art Gallery Bali value our customers and we understand your discerning tastes. We have a commitment preserving the past and to offering only authentic, museum quality artifacts whenever possible. We have been collecting and trading in folk art for over 30 years and we collect all of our offerings ourselves. If you would like to learn more about one of our pieces, please email us or phone +62 361 738 113.


Folk Art Gallery Bali

Thank you for visiting Folk Art Gallery Bali. As our name implies - we are located in Bali Indonesia. Please have a look through our substantial collection of museum quality antique art. We specialize in Asian arts, especially pieces from Burma. We also have one of the largest Naga jewelry collections in the world. If you have questions - or would like to purchase an item, please click "Ask a question about this product" found in each product page. Someone will contact you as soon as possible to answer you questions. Or, please feel free to phone us: +62 361 738 113. Our operating hours are 9am - 5pm, Monday through Saturday. We are in the Singapore time zone.

Folk Art Gallery Bali

Folk Art Gallery Bali houses a fascinating collection of museum grade art and artifacts. Our collection spans the globe, offering finds from exotic locations like ancient Burma, Guatemala, Nepal, India, Uzbekistan, and Indonesia. Sculptures, jewelry, antiques, altars, textiles - all waiting for you to take them home.

While our collection houses odds and end from many lands and cultures, we have two very special, and very extensive collections of Naga jewelry and Burmese Nats. All of our items are authentic, not cheap reproductions. One touch and you can feel the history and spirituality contained inside, infused from generations of worshipers and admirers.



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